About Us


Redefining Communications is a collective communications consultancy specialising in internal communication. Our definition of internal communication includes everything that gets said and shared inside an organisation. As a function internal communication’s role is to curate, enable and advise on best practice for organisations to communicate effectively, efficiently and in an engaging way.

We work with businesses of all sizes and often where there is no internal communication team in place. As a collective consultancy we can bring in extra resource for your business – working alongside Jenni Field, this can include an employee engagement specialist, copy writers and/or data scientists – it all depends what you need.

We Can Help


Redefining Communications works predominantly with business leaders to help them explore how improving their internal communication can help make their organisation more efficient and the work more engaging for employees.

We provide solutions that touch on both internal and external communication as needed. We coach our clients to be better communicators. This means we explore the blockers in the team, department or division and identify solutions. This could be in the form of line manager training, team workshops or 1:1 coaching.

We get to know your business, understanding your short and long term strategy and help you create plans to engage your employees on that journey. We will challenge your thinking and get to the root of the issues through research with your employees (at every level).

We will recommend the right resource to support your communication needs. This might be a new role in the organisation, something that can be outsourced or a project role as needed. Jenni’s experience in creating functions means you can benefit from her knowledge as she tailors her recommendations based on knowing what will work best for your needs.

About Jenni


Jenni has over 13 years’ experience in communications. Working at Director level for a global pharmaceutical company, Jenni has worked in the public sector, defence, advertising and retail and hospitality industries.

She has set up global communications functions, specialised in media relations and internal communications and has helped companies through major change programmes, digital adoption challenges and streamlining their PR efforts for the best results. She is the President-Elect for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations as she aims to raise the profile of the importance of communication in business.