What’s your contribution?

Jenni Field

I spent today with a group of operations managers talking about behaviours, planning and overall mindset to change the way we do business. With supporting videos from Franklin Covey I was left with some great food for thought on contribution, how we choose everything we do and how we can impact every day.

What do I contribute every day? How does that help the business I work for achieve what they set out to achieve? Do I even know what that is? In any role in the business it is easy to think in a silo and get your head down to get your job done. But a truly engaged person is someone who is able to contribute to the business, with their whole self; their mind, body, heart and spirit. If I think about the different places I have worked in my career and how I have felt about going to work each day, the places where I believe I had the most success are the places where I could contribute the most. And i firmly believe that communication inside an organisation can fundamentally change the level of contribution an individual makes.

Communication not only engages people, it gives them a platform to have conversations about the business and challenge intiatives, discuss ideas and celebrate success. They can contribute to the business.

What you can do with the right mind set and the right attitude is endless; I will end this post with a link to a video from TED from Amy Purdy and how she changed her mindset when she lost both her legs to meningitis: http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_purdy_living_beyond_limits.html

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