Internal Comms Surveys for those offline

Jenni Field

Having blogged for the past year with theblueballroom and recently featuring on Melcrum’s blog i’m hoping my own blog will help continue looking into the role of internal comms and how it develops in the business i am in now.

I wanted my first blog on here to cover a recent discussion i started on LinkedIn about a month ago. For those that followed the blog with Melcrum you’ll know that i am starting the internal comms function from scratch and that i have been looking at ways to survey all 10,000 employees in the business. This is a challenge as 80% don’t have access to a computer.

So, after putting the question out there, and after many people said the thread was helpful, for those not on linked in here are the top tips:

  • Take a sample – If your workforce has at least 2,000 employees, you only need to hear from 500 respondents for a very good margin of error of +/- 4%.
  • You might get more responses if you use a FREEPOST mechanism
  • Send it out with payslips
  • Spend time communicating that the survey is coming
  • Keep the survey short and simple
  • Consider telephone or SMS
  • Make sure you have business support to help and your senior exec / leadership understand why you’re doing it and they back it
  • Employees respond to direct managers better so engage them early on
  • Consider confidentiality to encourage responses
  • Keep telling people what you will do with the responses so they know it is worth completing

The full discussion can be found here and i would like to thank everyone who responded- it has helped me decide who to survey and how to do it!

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