How do you choose a CMS?

Jenni Field

This week I have been looking into the new intranet project and it is all things go.  It has been a few years since I looked into intranet building and things have really moved on, the ease of uploading information, the cost when looking at open source and the opportunities are amazing.

But when you’re looking at launching a new intranet that is hoping to revolutionize the way the business communicates how do you know you have picked the right one? Do you stay traditional or try something new? When your needs can be met by different options, what should be the criteria that makes the decision?

Intranets are huge for internal communicators, and for me it really is going to make a different to the business, productivity and culture – so getting it wrong is not an option.

So what factors should play a role? I am hoping the following will make the decision:

  • Cost – initial, annual, support
  • Hardware requirements
  • Ease of use (especially for non CMS users)
  • Ability to link to current IT platforms
  • IT’s requirements; what do they need from the system

Some interesting thoughts on the open source debate are covered by Michael Marus in his blog and I would be interested to know what both IT and Comms have on their list when it comes to making a decision…

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