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Jenni Field

On Tuesday 1st November I’m getting involved in a panel discussion at the Social Workplace Conference and this week chair Jon Ingham started his round of interviews with those taking part. I just watched his first video with David Christopher and whilst they don’t want to give too much away, there were a few points on here that I thought were worth sharing – whether you’re coming to the event or not.

David is an independent consultant and also a social media business leader for Oracle. He works in the EMEA region and is (from his title) heavily involved in the implementation of social media in the workplace. A lot of what he said will resonate with many –  the need for a mindset change, the need for passion with social tools and the desire to collaborate across a business/region.

With 20,000 employees in Oracle it is no easy task, and as someone managing internal communications for 10,000 in one country I cannot begin to imagine the challenges this can bring. Sustaining that change though is one challenge all communicators will feel – how do you maintain people’s interest and dialogue once the ‘shiny new tool’ element has died?

One application David talked about on the video was the Social Project Office. This online space allows people to add projects they are working on under various headings. People subscribe to headings that interest them and therefore know what projects are going on –  avoiding duplication and resource in other areas. People are notified about a project  so they can chat and interact with the author.

This, to me, sounds like a brilliant idea.

Towards the end of the video David talks about how he got colleagues ready for the change and he hosted workshops to get people ‘socially ready’ – something that no doubt will help sustain the change.

Check out the full video and conference details here

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