Building a social workplace – what is reality?

Jenni Field

When I attended the social workplace conference in November there were a lot of conversations about how you embed social platforms into organisations. I blogged about the event and they are hosting another event tomorrow which I am really looking forward to attending.

What’s interesting is that the agenda this year seems to focus more on overcoming challenges than the excitement of building a new tool. As with any event, the conversations change over time and when I attend the Melcrum SCM conferences each year there is always a feeling that internal communicators are moving closer to becoming the partners to the business that we should be.

The agenda for the conference on 24th May looks set to start many conversations and with some panel discussions covering the management of social projects, why these sometimes fail and how you engage internal stakeholders. I’m hoping for some real tips on how you embed these tools and how, as an internal communicator, you really can let go of old habits.

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