Building a network of contributors

Jenni Field

One of the biggest challenges for communicators is content. Getting it at all, but getting it in a timely fashion can be even tougher. Over the past two years I have worked hard to build the infrastructure of internal communications, implementing new tools and new processes and now it is time to really focus on the content. Whilst not the ideal way round for some, content that is about direction and tasks can take time to focus on when you’re building all the other parts of the tool kit.

So, as 2012 starts to take shape i delighted that some areas of the business have identified “internal comms champions” – here’s how I hope they will help change the face of communication for our business:

1. Timing is everything
With regular meetings and updates we can ensure news from that department reaches the audience of the wider business. And that it reaches them in the right timeframe.

2. Raising our profile
Having dedicated resource to drive communications helps other departments understand more about internal communications, what we do and how we can work alongside the business. For me, this is also about proving that we are there to help, advise and raise their profile in the business.

3. I’ll learn something, every day
It gives me the chance to find out more about that department. Their challenges, their goals, their ambitions and support them by tailoring the communication tools to meet their needs – it’s about moulding communication to the needs of the business.

4. Dialogue is gold dust
It will open up the lines of communication. Reduce email conversations and build relationships that are needed to drive the business forwards

5. More will follow
As soon as I got one person, another then signed up from a different department. Hopefully a sign of things to come and a network across the business will form, supporting each other as we strive to improve communication across the organisation.

With 10,000 people to communicate to, a small team will always struggle to meet the needs the business – so here’s hoping having a network of people around will help focus and channel the right tools and messages in the business – ultimately driving success.

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