Are internal communications functions influencing technology?

Jenni Field

I haven’t blogged for a while and it’s for a few reasons…

  1. I have done a few on LinkedIn to test out that platform – I quite liked it but I think i prefer my own space. I have just published a blog from September here
  2. I have a new role and was struggling with having an opinion with this blog while my role is more external comms
  3. It’s been a while since something has inspired me to write… Until last week.

When it comes to internal social media we turn to technology experts to help us meet the needs of our business. But just last week, in a discussion with our technology partners, I realised that the people designing these tools don’t necessarily have the experience of working in internal comms for a big organisation and therefore don’t build it with all the functionality we need.

The example here was about files stored on the online platform. These files are owned by one person and can only ever be owned by one person. When they leave, they still own the file, their name is just greyed out with ‘inactive’ written next to it. Can this be changed? No. Why not? Because the legacy of that person should remain visible. Sure, that’s exactly what I need, a load of inactive people owning content all over the site. So when someone needs that document or has a query and they comment on it, that comment isn’t highlighted to anyone, and if someone else replaces that person they will never own that file, they can upload a new version but the owner will always be the inactive one. How demotivatong to see all these inactive people that inevitably you come across when a system has been in place for over 4 years.

Quite honestly I think this is a bit rubbish and it made me think that these people, designing these platforms don’t seem to consider the real businesses they are going into, nor do they think about the internal comms function.

This could just be an issue on the tool we have but as it is built by a huge global technology company I hope that others have the same issue so I know I’m not alone!

2 comments on “Are internal communications functions influencing technology?

  1. we are struggling with the inactive users issue on our internal social network too. Our platform is built on Elgg, an open source software. I would love to hear how others have dealt with this issue.

  2. This definitely needs addressing in the ‘information management policy’. The Info Management Manager or Quality Manager should join forces with the intranet / comms team to mandate ‘transference of ownership’ as a tech requirement, and implement and embed the (people) process for execution. HR can support such a process during the leaving and on-boarding process.

    It’s been ages since I’ve done this myself, and I’m thinking about how I’d acheive it in the big intranet CMS products and platforms…

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