Why internal communicators need a voice with CIPR

Next week the CIPR opens the elections for Council. As Chair of CIPR Inside I currently sit on the Council but things are changing and this now needs to be a position that is voted in. So I need your help, if you’re a CIPR member then please get voting – to help, here is […]

What makes a word real?

A while ago I came across this TED talk which helped give me a different perspective on my issue with some new words coming into the dictionary: [ted id=2022]   I do need to get past this I know. My main struggle is with acronyms becoming words and used in sentences but through further research, […]

Changing behaviour for better business

This year the CIPR inside conference is all about changing behaviours. When I took over the role of Chair back in March I knew that being in house gave a me a different view on things from my agency predecessors and I wanted to bring some of my challenges forward. Over the years my role […]