The Big Yak – my favourite bits!

With so many sessions in one day I was never going to get to all of them. Thank you to everyone that tweeted throughout – these are some of my favourite tweets, learnings and ideas from #thebigyak Having an empty chair in the room in meetings to represent the rest of the organisation allows you […]

Return of the Yak

  Another year, another yak. Yesterday we, The IC Crowd, hosted The Big Yak for a second year. About 130 internal comms pros descended on Richmond, London for day of discussion, debate and networking. Following our unconference format from 2013 and with the support of our facilitator Benjamin Ellis, the delegates made their way through […]

Why aren’t we called Internal PR?

Today I attended my second CIPR Council meeting at CIPR HQ in Russell Square in my role as Chairwoman for CIPR Inside. I haven’t talked much about my role here (I plan to do more of that soon) but today we had some interesting discussion about the PR industry – what is wrong with the […]

Why good leaders make you feel safe

When it comes to leadership there is no one I enjoy listening to more than Simon Sinek. After discovering some of his work a few years ago I have followed him since and this recent post on TED has once again sparked thoughts and ideas in my mind. Talking about leadership and providing examples from […]

Time is disappearing

It has been a little while since I have posted on here due to holidays and just generally being busy! Where have the first 6 months of the year gone?! There has been so much happening since the new year and lots that I haven’t written about… There have been several events that have triggered […]

Social Intranet or Enterprise Social Network? Is there a difference?

It has always been in my head. Ever since the move from traditional push based intranet systems to the introduction of tools like Sharepoint. I have worked in communications for 10 years and have been involved in four intranet projects in various companies. I have learnt a lot but I have also learnt that the […]