Finding the key ingredients

In the office this week I was chatting to a colleague who said “don’t get too pigeon holed, who knows where internal comms will be in a few years” It was an interesting statement and one I think we (as internal communicators) often discuss at various conferences looking at the future of the industry. His […]

Living Beyond Limits

If Olympic inspiration isn’t enough to make us think twice about getting up off the sofa then this TED talk surely will. Not only does it make you appreciate everything that little bit more, but talks like this make me realise that there is more potential in me and everyone around me than we tap […]

Introducing a New Leader

Earlier this year I had to research what to do when your leader changes and found lots or articles online and in Melcrum’s SCM publication. Nearly everything I found approached the change as though I was a board member…and I’m not. So all the advice was somewhat useless as I couldn’t be the person these […]